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    Best shop for asian outfits in all ranges from salwaar, frocks and sarees.

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    I bought 2 dresses to attend wedding out of country in april from which one left colour die marks on my husbands shirts really badly in the baggage. We couldn’t find any dry cleaners nearby so without any choice have to buy 2 more shirts as europe is really expensive.

    After i came back I went to Uniques to return the same dress which i didnt wear at all but the lady said the owner and his wife makes decision and coming back after 15 days and i left the dress with her she checked and gave me note that she had the dress and i came back after 15 days and i felt so much under pressure as the man, his wife and the same lady havent given me any option but a credit note so i can buy something else for which i wasnt interested but wanted my refund. I wasnt claiming the money i have spent on other shirts of my husband or dry cleaning But they completely denied refund for this dress i bought from them and said may be i have worn but still they giving me credit note like they were doing such a big favour but the point is even if i did worn but due to manufacturing fault its my right to get refund.

    I left and denied to take credit note and came back with my husband. Now third time i came back and this lady was very rude and has no customer skills at all. She said we need to think business on both side well we are customer to get our refund back not there for business. She turned her back and let us speak behind her back and was getting money from the till. We felt like having our money back was such a hassle and crime. YOU CANT MAKE UP YOUR OWN RULES…THE GOODS WERE FAULTY MADAM AND ACCORDING TO TRADING STANDARD YOU HAVE TO REFUND THE MONEY. Won’t recommend this place.

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    Amazing shop.. And stunning jewellery got wedding jewellery from here absaloutly gorgeous. Love this shop and lovely friendly staff .. X

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    Love this boutique and the owners are really lovely down to earth
    Got a beautiful saree from them and love there designs

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    I wholeheartedly recommend shopping at unique won’t buy my clothes anywhere else. No need to go to make special trip to India to shop, shop at unique.

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    Do not order from this boutique, they messed up our order two weeks before the wedding, very dissapointed and unprofessional. We travelled from newcastle back in February to place an order for 6 bridesmaids sarees, we were promised it would take 8 weeks, it took 12 weeks. Arrived at the shop, the owner pointed at the doll ‘that’s your saree’ it was the most ugliest saree in the shop, complete opposite to what we ordered. He then accused us of ordering the cheap ugly saree on the doll, we showed pictures of the original saree (he did not sell this one to us initially as he said he needed it to go back to India with the order however admitted to selling it in his shop). We now had to rush to London to choose six different sarees, completely ruined the theme for the wedding and what a waste on matching jewellery, shoes and accessories. Very poor !!!!

  7. 5.0

    excellent customer service from start to finish. I got married in May 2018, found my outfit on the second trying here. Reena Aunty and the team took care of everything from the matching kaleeray, choora and jewellery, to the tailoring. All done in the UK and no need to wait months for a tailor in India – thank you so much!

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