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    Took them County Court case & won judgment. still not paying. Don’t deal with insincere people. Bayliff involved. ignoring payment. Judge for your selves if your money is safe. I can provide court judgment of over £14K. when you pay? i WANT MY MONEY BACK

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    Recently my son had his nikah and the service was poor and the hall was very cold. The chicken curry was off and there was no comment from management committee. Myself and my guests were disappointed with the whole event.

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    Venue was too small for the number of guests present and tables had too many people per table, therefore cramped

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    Lovely place to hold weddings etc. Helpful staff and clean surroundings. A country home of some squire originally I should think. Worth checking it’s history.

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    Large events venue, good for weddings and parties. Lots of space for tables, sound system etc.

  6. 5.0

    Attended many great weddings here. Good parking facilities too!

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    Nice venue. Food needs a bit improvement!

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    Went for a pre-wedding party. A pretty venue but the floor in the reception area was sticky at the beginning of the night, reminding me of a dingy club. Nice hall overall.

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    Reasonable amounts of parking. Trees draped with blue lights – nice touch but white would have looked classier. Large hall with capacity for 300 guests. Kitchen on site too.

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    great venue for weddings partys and any thing else decent amount of parking space

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    I attended a social gathering at Baylis House. There are good sized banquet halls which can accommodate large group. Located in a green area, the place has lovely views and decoration. Thoigh quality of food wasn’t so good.

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