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  1. 5.0

    My best friend got married here. Beautiful venue.

  2. 4.0

    Beautiful venue for a wedding. Food, service and location excellent. Drink prices very high though.

  3. 3.0

    St. Audries is a gorgeous venue with some great residential facilities but mediocre services. The execution of the particulars leaves quite a lot to be desired considering the asking price, and the drinks policy is extremely offensive as a considerable hidden extra cost.

    As a large manor house, the rooms are 5 star. There are on-site cottages with rooms too, so all your guests can stay. These were kept in tip-top condition. I think the price is £90 a room per night. But then you have the stupidity of kettles with very short leads that won’t reach the wall sockets where you’d want them – I had to move my kettle onto the bedside table to reach the near plug, as the only place in the room it’d reach, and mine wasn’t the only room with this problem.

    Child Friendliness
    The labyrinthine corridors, stairs, and rooms, along with the spacious field and croquet lawn, provide great opportunities for the kids so they can have their fun and not have to be managed. St. Audries also provides some games. We were promised giant Connect 4, giant Jenga, and croquet, for £100. The giant Jenga never appeared and instead a limbo poll took its place. Not great for the money.

    Hors d’oeuvres were nice enough, though not my thing. The main meal (Wedding Breakfast) was okay – beef, spuds, veg and gravy. The dessert was very nice. But refreshments later in the day were well below the quality required for the money. A buffet was provided and it was an odd selection. Bread was dry and far from fresh. There was the most massive plate of piled mixed meats you ever saw, which isn’t really what you’d expect for night-time eating. Extra was paid for the Sweet Trolley to be out, which was kept topped up, but the selection was lame, quite frankly. White sugar mice (cheapo ones), Black Jack and Fruit Salad chews, Flying Saucers with barely any sherbet inside them, and a few jelly chews. Nothing like the quality Pick’n’Mix you’d probably expect.

    Furthermore, explicit instructions were forgotten/ignored twice. Mushrooms were banned during the planning sessions, yet twice they were served throughout the event which could have led to an unpleasant incident if not caught in time.

    Drinks policy and the hidden Hydration Tax
    But most shocking of all was the lack of any provision for drinks outside of the bar, and a policy of no food or drink on the premises except bought on site. That means to keep your children hydrated, you have to buy expensive soft drinks at the bar, and haven’t even the option of bringing a few bottles of cheap lemonade.

    In short, nice enough but well below perfect and, for the thousands of pounds being asked, nothing like good value. Which is a shame as the improvements are not expensive to execute and would make a 3 star experience into a 5 star experience easily enough.

    When picking a venue, don’t be carried away by the beauty of the building and grounds. Factor in a mediocre service and experience when considering St. Audries.

  4. 5.0

    Beautiful place my sis got married there.

  5. 5.0

    Beautiful grounds, nice staff and quite a bit of history to learn about if you ask the right people. The floors are a bit creaky, but that wasn’t unexpected do to the age of the facilities. Lovely place for a wedding.

  6. 2.0

    Excellent if you are staying in main house and immediate surround. But if you are offered an extra night before Wedding date in outbuildings beware. No one to greet you or on hand to inform you or serve you breakfast. No cupboard facilities or en-suit bathroom. Very poor facilities.

  7. 5.0

    Breathtaking wedding venue five star service immaculately maintained. they also have an amazing first class DJ

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