Asian Wedding – Bride and Groom Both to Decide on
The official start of jointly making important decisions together, hopefully the first of many. We have put together our key decision makers so this should get the wedding planning kick started for you.
Bride and Groom to make a decision
  • Setting the date and time that is convenient for you and majority of guests to attend
  • Decide ceremony and reception venues.
  • Pick design, budget and type for wedding rings and other jewellery.
  • Choose a caterer and menu.
  • Make honeymoon plans.
  • Determine an overall budget.
  • Select music for 1st dance and song list.
  • Choose D.J. / Band.
  • Shortlist photographer and videographer.
  • Compile guest list.
  • Give your notice of civil marriage at local registry office
  • Decide florist / decoration / mandap company.
  • Find reputable jeweller.
  • Think about wedding day outfits.
  • Write out thank you cards.
Bride to decide
  • Make the decision on your maid of honour.
  • Pick out wedding outfits for the group.
  • Pick invitation style and wording.
  • Find hairdresser and beautician and other related professionals.
  • Choose cake, style, ingredients, wording and decoration.
  • Write up seating plan.
Maid of Honour
  • Assist bride in all wedding plans so their job is to be close and well informed.
  • Co-ordinate bridesmaids and help keep to the wedding day schedule
  • Assist with invitations.
  • Prepare the cultural banter; bridesmaids or sisters steal groom’s shoes on the day.
  • Plan that mehndi night / sangeet night
  • Be on side to assist the bride where required
  • Decide on invitations.
  • Choose wedding attire for various occasions.
  • Develop own seating plan and co-ordinate with bride.
  • Help plan all pre-wedding celebrations.
  • Buy gifts for the bridesmaids / sisters of bride to get shoes back!
Best Man
  • To assist Groom in all wedding plans.
  • Be on side to help the Groom where required