Asian Bridal Outfits

We have put together a guide using experience and feedback of brides. We asked them if they could plan the bridal outfit again then what would they do differently?  The aim being that we can learn from their possible mistakes and keep improving the experience for future brides-to-be. Here is our compilation of the bridal wedding dresses “Do’s and Dont’s”. If you have anything to add then get in touch and share your tips by clicking here

  1. Timing — We suggest confirming the venue first so you can match your surroundings. We suggest to start planning nine months before the wedding to allow time for your dress to be ordered in and allow for any alterations.
  2. Budget — This maybe dictated by the style, designer and material of the outfit. The outfit should be special – agreed, however it may not be wise to use a high proportion of the budget for a dress you wear once.
  3. Shopping — Try to take a close friend or family or both so no more than a few people maximum. You need to make a big decision so too many opinions will be counter productive.
  4. Accessories – this should be left until after you have chosen the wedding dress otherwise you risk a mis-match. It’s harder to find a wedding dress than the accessories.
  5. Reputation — A reputable retailer should be registered with the RBA (Retail Bridal Association).
  6. Service – Read reviews and choose wisely.
  7. Sizes — Wedding dress designers have slightly different sizing methods so ensure you are measured well and be extra careful if ordering online.
  8. Final decision — Try on and visit at least a handful of retailers to make sure you are settled.
  9. Seasonal factors — The wedding outfit is likely to be weighty so consider if you need to have more/less material depending on the time of year it will be used for. Make sure it feels comfortable and allows you to move comfortably.


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